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Dad’s paint samples in Bristol, August 2018

This yr I edited one other ebook, labored on fascinating tasks at Fluxx, and learned learnings.

  1. A well-reviewed restaurant in Maine now solely accepts reservations by publish. [Clint Rainey]
  2. “Venture capital firms that increased their proportion of female partner hires by 10%… had 9.7% more profitable exits.” [Paul Gompers & Silpa Kovvali]
  3. Elon Musk’s $500 flamethrower just isn’t a flamethrower. [Kane Hsieh]
  4. 35% of Rwanda’s nationwide blood provide outdoors the capital metropolis is now delivered by drone. [Techmoran]
  5. Advertisers place a single brown pixel on a vibrant background in a cellular advert. It seems to be like mud, so customers attempt to wipe it off. That registers as a click on, and the consumer is taken to the homepage. [Lauren Johnson]
  6. In Uganda, half the inhabitants is underneath the age of 15. [Tom Jackson]
  7. Peppa Pig tattoos are huge in China. [Kenrick Davis]
  8. AgriProtein is a British firm that operates two fly farms in South Africa. Every farm incorporates eight.four billion flies, which eat 276 tonnes of meals waste and lay 340 million eggs every day. These eggs (maggots) are dehydrated, flattened and used as animal feed. The corporate is value $200m, they usually’re planning to open 100 extra factories around the globe by 2024. [Andrea Lo]
  9. These weirdly costly books on Amazon could possibly be a part of a cash laundering scheme. [Brian Krebs]
  10. In 2015, the Billboard prime 200 featured twice as many acoustic guitars as electrical guitars. [Brandon Gaille]
  11. In Terence Conran’s backyard there’s an 18′ tall birch gazebo designed by Thomas Heatherwick. “A few years ago, James Dyson, the vacuum-cleaner entrepreneur, dislodged the top of it while landing a helicopter on the lawn; it has since been repaired.” [Ian Parker]
  12. LOT is a $1,200/yr clothes subscription service that comes with high-concept equipment like hair bleach & a tattoo gun. [Kyle Chayka]
  13. US nuclear testing between the 1940s and 1970s might have killed as many People (from radioactive air pollution) as have been killed by the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. [Tim Fernholz]
  14. In April, a group at Nationwide Taiwan College created an automatic Instagram remark generator that may take a look at pictures and depart replies which are convincingly human. Pattern robo-comment: “I love your shoes!!! HYPED!” [Kuan-Ting Chen] (Fluxx spent a whole lot of 2018 engaged on a captivating fashion-related venture for Condé Nast)
  15. No recognized machine studying system can reliably inform a chook from a bicycle when a human is making an attempt to trick the system. [Tom B Brown]
  16. Occasions Newer Roman appears virtually precisely like Occasions New Roman, however every character is 5–10 wider. Meaning a 15 web page, 12pt doc accommodates simply over 5,800 phrases. The identical web page rely in Occasions New Roman would require over 6,600 phrases. Outcome! [Tina Roth Eisenberg]
  17. By optimising their e mail topic strains to be brief, damaging, shocking and full of brand name names, CB Insights earned an additional $625,000 per yr. [Anand Sanwal]
  18. Classic memes have turn into collectable: Ding Xinyi, 21, from Shanghai, has develop into an “antique” meme collector in the final yr. “The more fuzzy the pixel is, the better the memes are,” Ding says. “People who use high-definition memes must be newcomers to meme collection.” [Mo Hong’e]
  19. Air crews are uncovered to extra radiation than individuals who work at nuclear energy stations. [Dave Mosher]
  20. In 2016, Singapore police reported 135 complete days with none crimes together with snatch-theft, home break-ins and theft. [Uptin Saiidi]
  21. On Netflix, the paintings is personalised based mostly in your viewing historical past. An Uma Thurman fan will see the basic Pulp Fiction poster displaying Uma, however a John Travolta fan can be proven a special picture. [Ashok Chandrashekar & co] (This additionally had extra sinister penalties).
  22. Costly placebos work higher than low cost placebos. [Derek Lowe]
  23. Pretend acupuncture works in addition to actual acupuncture. [Scott Alexander]
  24. Cassidy Williams had a dream a few Scrabble-themed mechanical keyboard. When she awoke, she began cold-calling Hasbro to ask for permission to make it actual. Ultimately, she made it occur. [Cassidy Williams]
  25. A typical West Finish Present must cost £27.92 per ticket to interrupt even. So in case you purchase a reduced £15 ticket, you’re being paid virtually £13 to take a seat via the present. [Richard Howle]
  26. Males who’ve skilled earthquakes are prepared to take extra dangers and gamble extra. Ladies present no such impact. [Chie Hanaoka & co]
  27. There’s a small however thriving startup scene in Mogadishu, Somalia. [Abdi Latif Dahir]
  28. SafeMotos is a Uber-like app for motorcycle taxis in Rwanda, that are notoriously harmful. The drivers’ app makes use of the telephone’s accelerometer to fee driver security. [Alexandra Petri]
  29. Fortune Cookie Promoting is strictly what you’d anticipate, and it really works as a result of “when [customers] see the ad on the back, they are likely to feel they received it for a reason”. [Samantha Lile]
  30. CoworKite, a co-working area in Cape City, has opened a department in Mauritius, selling the idea of Workation (work-vacation). The programme consists of workshops for “digital nomads who want to reduce taxation over their global earnings” and “features a local host, who is both an entrepreneur and a kitesurfer”. [Tom Jackson]
  31. At Hangzhou Zhongheng Electrical, staff put on caps to watch their brainwaves. The info is used to ‘adjust the pace of production and redesign workflows’. [Stephen Chen]
  32. Researchers discovered that Starbucks clients in northern China usually tend to transfer chairs out of their means, whereas clients in southern China will transfer themselves across the chairs. The researchers attribute this to ancestral meals manufacturing. Within the north, the first crop is wheat, which is grown by particular person farmers. Within the south, farmers need to collaborate to develop rice. So, they consider, individuals in the south are much less individualistic. [Mark Abrahams]
  33. Virtually 20 years in the past, Japanese railway stations began putting in blue LED panels on platforms as a suicide prevention measure, believing that blue mild improves temper. A ten-year research discovered an 84% decline in suicide makes an attempt at stations the place lights have been put in, with no decline at stations with out lights. [Allan Richarz]
  34. Utilizing a center preliminary makes individuals assume you’re intelligent. [Wijnand A. P. Van Tilburg & Eric R. Igou]
  35. British water corporations often use a Victorian system referred to as a ‘listening stick’ to seek out leaks. The four-foot picket sticks have an earpiece on the highest. They’re used at night time, when there’s much less visitors noise, to pay attention for flowing water. [Lancashire Post] (Fluxx labored with a number of water corporations in 2018, together with Severn Trent, Southern and Northumbrian)
  36. Since GDPR was launched in Might, USA At present have provided a simplified web site for European customers. It accommodates the identical information, with easier format and no promoting or consumer monitoring. It takes 320ms to load, in contrast with 20+ seconds for the US website. [John Gruber]
  37. The typical age of viewers of Vice Media’s ‘Viceland’ TV channel is 42. [Reeves Wiedeman]
  38. Rera is a web-based poultry farm startup from Harare, Zimbabwe. It’s like Kickstarter for chickens. You order, the farmer grows, you save 40% of retail prices. [Techmoran]
  39. 54 % of Chinese language born after 1995 selected “influencer” as their most desired occupation. [Charlie Gu]
  40. “One prominent television actress paid $40,000 to have her [honeymoon] hotel bathroom’s granite sink lifted 7 inches higher — all so she wouldn’t have to bend over when washing her face.” [Brandon Presser]
  41. Tolaram is a Nigerian firm that imports and sells 18¢ packets of noodles bought by tens of hundreds of table-top retailers. They launched in 1988, didn’t make a revenue till 2000, however now promote four.5bn packets of noodles a yr. [Dr Ola Brown]
  42. Unicode, the worldwide normal for letters, characters and emojis, has 137,439 entries. It features a group of ‘ghost characters’ (妛挧暃椦槞蟐袮閠駲墸壥彁) which haven’t any recognized which means. It’s believed they’re errors launched by folds and wrinkles throughout a paper-based 1978 Japanese authorities challenge to standardise the alphabet, however at the moment are locked into the usual perpetually. [Paul McCann]
  43. Kojo Yakei is a Japanese development of night-time manufacturing unit excursions, admiring industrial structure by boat, practice or bus. [Mike Dowman]
  44. In Tunisia, anybody who needs to discovered a startup can apply for one yr’s ‘Startup Leave’ from their firm. The federal government then pay a wage to the startup workforce, based mostly on their earlier revenue. [Daniel Mpala]
  45. The Communist Youth League in Zhejiang, China, has established a “Marriage and Dating Division” to assist younger individuals discover love. 13,000 younger individuals have signed up. [Dai Wangyun]
  46. “In 2001, the Thai government established the Global Thai Restaurant Company, Ltd., in an effort to establish at least 3,000 Thai restaurants worldwide.” [Myles Karp]
  47. In New York Metropolis, there are round 1,000 crosswalk buttons. In 2018, solely 100 are practical, down from 750 useful buttons in 2004. [Jacopo Prisco]
  48. In America, white individuals and light-skinned black People endure an ‘obesity income penalty’ whereas medium-and dark-skinned black People don’t. [Robert L Reece]
  49. A Chinese language podcast referred to as “How to Make Your Voice More Attractive” has 218,000 paying subscribers. General, the market in Chinese language self-help subscription podcasts was value $7.three billion in 2017, in contrast with simply $314 million for all advertising-funded podcasts in the US. [Jennifer Pak]
  50. When he took over the bookshop chain Waterstones, James Daunt gave particular person retailer managers management over which books to inventory and methods to show them. Over seven years, returns dropped from 20–25% to only four%. [Robbie Millen / Benedict Evans]
  51. Vanilla pods now value $500/kg, roughly the identical as silver. Madagascan farmers have briefly turn out to be vanillionaires, inflicting chaos in areas the place the closest financial institution could be a day’s stroll away. [Annah Zhu]
  52. A Spanish bakery will set up a ‘thermal breadbox’ on the aspect of your home (totally free!) and ship heat bread day by day [Pablo Alarcon]

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Tom Whitwell is Senior Marketing consultant at Fluxx, an organization that makes use of experiments to know clients, serving to shoppers to construct higher merchandise. We work with organisations reminiscent of Condé Nast Worldwide, Power Techniques Catapult, Nationwide Grid, BEIS and Severn Trent Water.